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The Malta Chamber of Geologists (MCG)/ Kamra tal-Ġeologi is a registered non-profit professional organisation established to represent and defend the profession of the Geologist in Malta and to broaden and update knowledge of its members. 

The MCG promotes the science and practice of geology and geoscience by safeguarding standards and distributing research and knowledge in the fields of geology and has a social purpose of raising awareness in geology that benefits public safety and economic development.

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BSc (Hons) in Geology

Become a geologists in Malta! 

IDEA Academy in collaboration with the Malta Chamber of Geologists is offering a BSc course in geology. The course is structured in three levels: Diploma (Year 1), Higher Diploma (Year 2) and BSc (Hons) (Year 3)

The course is approved by the MFHEA 

The Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Geology imparts vital competencies for careers in the construction industry (rock excavation, geomaterials), resource extraction (quarrying, mining, oil and gas), and the environment (geohazards, remediation). Year one establishes a robust geology foundation, sedimentology, geomorphology, tectonics, and geotechnical skills. It also covers economic aspects and industrial use of rocks. Year two advances with remote data methods, rock materials, and applications like hydrogeology. The final year offers specialization options, including Engineering Geology, catering to construction, environmental planning, or extractive industries. This programme equips students with academic rigour and practical skills for success in diverse geology-related professions. 

for more information about the course:   Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Geology    

What are geologists?

All over Europe, geologists are engaged in three sectors of activity: Resources & Energy,  Environment  and  Construction. The role of the geologist is different from that of the engineer: Geologists interpret, engineers design and build.

Geologists make use of their special knowledge for the benefit of the public and are trained to consider the entire physical environment, the materials that compose it (rocks, soils, and water). Geologists work in exploration and development of mineral resources used in construction and industry and development of water resources, but also evaluating the stability of foundations for buildings, dams, bridges and roads, plus many others. Few other professions affect the public more than geology, especially through collaboration with the construction and engineering professions. 

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MOUs signed with the following entities


MCG President meets Leader of the Opposition

The MCG President Dr Peter Gatt presented copies of MCG's documents Geology in the Construction Industry of Malta and the document Geology for Energy in Malta to the Hon Dr Bernard Grech, Leader of the Opposition and Nationalist Party and the Hon Ing Stanley Zammit, Opposition spokesman for public works.

Dr Grech and Dr Gatt discussed the importance of the profession of the geologist in natural resources management, exploration of Malta's large EEZ and the application of geology to public safety.


MCG President meets ERA Chairperson

The MCG President Dr Peter Gatt presented a copy of MCG's documents Geology in the Construction Industry of Malta and the document Geology for Energy in Malta to Perit Vincent Cassar, Chairperson of the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA).

Perit Cassar and Dr Gatt discussed the importance of protecting the country's Geodiversity and the importance of the profession of the geologist in natural resources management and assessment.


MCG President meets Public Works Minister

The MCG President Dr Peter Gatt presented a copy of MCG's document Geology in the Construction Industry of Malta to the Hon Dr Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, minister for Public Works and Planning.

The Minister and MCG President discussed the contents of the document and the importance of the profession of the geologist in the construction industry.


MoU between MCG and INGV 6.10.2023

The President of MCG, Dr Peter Gatt and the President of INGV, Prof Carlo Doglioni, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will open collaboration between the two professional organisations of geoscientists.

The Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) is an Italian state organisation established 33 years ago committed to research, serving citizens during emergencies and building a knowledge society to understand how the Earth works. The INGV publishes the Annals of Geophysics and other high quality research.

MCG document: Geology in the Construction Industry of Malta

The MCG Council has approved the document on the Construction industry in Malta. The document (part 1) highlights administrative and legislative omissions and lacunae that continue to undermine public safety in the construction industry.

The document identifies problems related to poor knowledge of ground conditions and the underlying geology that have resulted in tragic incidents and fatalities.

A copy of the document was handed by the MCG President Dr Peter Gatt  to  Judge Emeritus Zammit McKeon who is chairing the Public Inquiry on the Jean Paul Sofia incident. 

To receive a copy of the document please contact MCG by sending your name and request on the email:     chamberofgeologists@gmail.com 


MCG Press Release 1/9/2023

The MCG issued a press release in response to the document published by the Energy & Water Agency on the proposed sites for offshore renewable energy. 

Press Releases  

Press coverage:   The Malta Independent   Times of Malta

MOU between MCG and ICOG (Association of professional geologists of Spain)

The President of MCG, Dr Peter Gatt and the President of ICOG, Prof Manuel Regueiro y Gonzalez-Barros, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will strengthen collaboration between the two professional National Associations of geologists.

The Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Geologos (ICOG) is the official Association of professional geologists of Spain. Established in 1951, ICOG regularly organizes internal and public scientific conferences. It also monitors the position of geology in public education and makes publications in different scientific and public papers. 

MOU between MCG and the Gozo Regional Development Authority (GRDA).

The GRDA and the MCG signed an MOU which will serve for future collaborative initiatives that will be undertaken. The GRDA is an Authority set up by Act of Parliament for the implementation of the regional development strategy for the island of Gozo.

The agreement was signed by GRDA CEO, Mr Mario Borg, and by the President of the Malta Chamber of Geologists, Dr Peter Gatt. 

MCG Press Release on the 'updated' Geological map of Malta

The Malta Chamber of Geologists does not endorse the 'updated' geological map of Malta which was recently published online by the Continental Shelf Department within the Ministry of Finance and without any consultation and input of the Chamber of Geologists. 

The Geological map includes numerous errors and omissions and should be used with caution and only following the advice from a professional Geologist.

A geological map that is erroneous undermines public safety.  

Press Releases   3/12/2022

Press coverage:     Malta Today       Times of Malta 

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     Malta IndependentTimes of Malta

Press Releases  The Malta Independent  Times of Malta






August 2023: MCG joins the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA)

February 2023: MCG joins the  European Geosciences Union (EGU) network of National Geoscientific Societies. 

March 2022: MCG joins the European Federation of Geologists (EFG)

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The Malta Chamber of Geologists is a registered professional organisation (VO/2329) 


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