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The Malta Chamber of Geologists (MCG) is a non-profit organisation established to represent and defend the Geological profession in Malta and to promote and distribute research and knowledge in the fields of Geology in Malta.

Geologist all over Europe are engaged in three sectors of activity:

Geoenvironment - Georesources - Construction.

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Chamber of Geologists is partner in the MARE Summit, May 2022

  • The MCG will be participating in the EFG Council meeting to be held in the Azores on 22nd May 2022. The MCG is a member of the European Federation of Geologists (EFG).

  • The MCG is partner to the MARE Summit on the Construction Industry in Malta. A presentation titled 'Building on safe ground: What is the underlying geology?' was delivered by MCG President during the conference on 5th May 2022.

  • The MCG Executive Council welcomes Richard Spiteri as a new Council member who will be heading the Hydrocarbon Exploration Chapter.

  • Chamber President Dr Peter Gatt, President talks about oil and gas exploration in Malta in an interview by Prof Andrew Azzopardi on FM 103 (19/2/2022) : Andrew Azzopardi on 103: F’Malta għandna żejt? - YouTube

  • Chamber President Dr Peter Gatt meets with Glenn Burridge, Executive Director of the European Federation of Geologists. (10/2/2022)

  • Chamber of Geologists seeks membership to BICC Advisory Board (9/2/2022): Chamber of Geologists says it was refused place on BICC Advisory Board - The Malta Independent

  • Chamber President Dr Peter Gatt interviewed on TVAM about Malta's continental shelf and oil and gas exploration (9/2/2022): Interview on TVAM


Professionalism Innovation Sustainability Public safety


  • The MCG contributes to the protection of the environment, public safety and responsible exploitation of natural resources and promotes excellence in the application of geology.

  • MCG promotes common European policy on matters such as geology in planning, renewable energies, monitoring and containing natural hazards and, economic and sustainable use of national mineral resources.

  • The MCG promotes education and awareness for citizens at all levels on the importance of Geology for environmental protection, sustainable development and public safety.