Responsibilities of membership

Membership to the Malta Chamber of Geologists places you under a Code of Professional Conduct and makes you accountable for the geoscience work you do. Members who do not conform to the Code of Professional Conduct or are unethical in their work are liable to disciplinary action by the Chamber. Complaints on professional misconduct must be referred to the Grievance Committee which can be contacted here.

Objectives of the Code

Geology is a science that deals with the composition, structure, resources, history and evolution of the Earth and the application of this science. The practice of geology is a profession for those who possess the necessary qualifications and professional experience as recognised by the Executive Council of the Chamber and whose living comes essentially from that work.

The Malta Chamber of Geologists will ensure that the Full Members, Associate Members and Honorary Member are informed of the Code of Ethics established by the Chamber to prescribe acceptable behaviour of the individual members. The Code sets rules of conduct to achieve common objectives, namely, to promote and maintain:

·         Credibility.

·         Professionalism.

·         Quality of Service.

·         Public confidence.

The Executive Council shall ensure that the website includes the Code of Professional Conduct and provides a procedure for submission of complaints or notification of breaches of the Code.

If evidence becomes available to the Malta Chamber of Geologists that there has been a breach of the Code, the evidence shall be examined by the Grievance Committee in accordance with the procedures defined by Regulations. Council may remove a Full Member, Associate Member or Honorary Member from the Chamber for a serious breach of the Code.

 General Principles


The Code of Professional Conduct for Geologists addresses four principal duties, namely, towards:

·         Society

·         the Profession

·         Colleagues

·         Employers

The Code of Professional Conduct is mandatory for all members of the Chamber. 

The MCG also supports the Geoethical Promise approved by the  IAPG Executive Council on 26th October 2016 in Cape Town.

                                                                             GEOETHICAL PROMISE