Diploma in Geology

Diploma in Geology:

    A one-year course intended to give students a solid foundation in Geology, its underlying principles and scientific approach, the sedimentology of the carbonate and siliciclastic realms and the formation of natural features by geomorphological processes and tectonics. In addition, students will develop skills in geological mapping, geotechnical laboratory practice and report writing and cover the economic aspects of rock (Industrial Rocks and Minerals and Critical Mineral Resources) and their use in the construction industry (Geomaterials).        

Diploma: 60 ECTS:

·         Earth Systems                                            12 ECTS

·         Earth Materials I                                          18 ECTS

·         Earth Georesources                                      12 ECTS

·         Field and laboratory skills                       6 ECTS

·         Deformation processes                            6 ECTS

·         Surface processes                                        6 ECTS