Find out about the profession of the geologist in Malta and in Europe:

In Europe, the formal recognition of the title ‘Geologist’ within a regulated profession already exists in Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Estonia, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, United Kingdom and Liechtenstein.

In these countries Geologists are the professionals who are competent to carry out the following:

  • Data collection and preparing geological maps and geological cross sections

  • Identification and assessment of geological risks and land surface stability

  • Certification of geological materials (geomaterials) used in construction and industry

  • Exploration and evaluation of georesources: industrial rocks, ground water, minerals and hydrocarbons

  • Engineering Geology, Pedological and Geotechnical surveys

  • Applied geology to planning, e.g., avoidance of water flooding

  • Provide accurate and reliable information to government agencies for public use

  • Oil and gas development

  • Geological and hydrogeological assessments and reports

  • Function as managers/director of quarrying and mining activities

  • Function as director and guarantor for geotechnical laboratories

  • Contaminated soil investigations and remediation and solid waste siting

  • Research activities