The Geoethical Promise


I promise…

… I will practice geosciences being fully aware of the societal implications, and I will do my best for the protection of the Earth system for the benefit of humankind.

… I understand my responsibilities towards society, future generations and the Earth for sustainable development.

… I will put the interest of society foremost in my work.

… I will never misuse my geoscience knowledge, resisting constraint or coercion.

… I will always be ready to provide my professional assistance when needed, and will be impartial in making my expertise available to decision makers.

… I will continue lifelong development of my geoscientific knowledge.

… I will always maintain intellectual honesty in my work, being aware of the limits of my competencies and skills.

… I will act to foster progress in the geosciences, the sharing of geoscientific knowledge, and the dissemination of the geoethical approach.

… I will always be fully respectful of Earth processes in my work as a geoscientist.

I promise!

Cape Town Statement on Geoethics

approved by the IAPG Executive Council on 26th October 2016: