1  Name and nature of organisation  

The MALTA CHAMBER OF GEOLOGISTS, a social purpose for public benefit association governed by the provisions of this Statute, is hereby established by resolution approved at a meeting by the associating members on the 11th January 2022. The Malta Chamber of Geologists is a non-profit, voluntary organisation upholding standards in geology with a social purpose of raising awareness in geology and benefits public health and safety.

2  Registered Office

The Registered Office shall be at Attard or at a place where the Executive Council may decide. Notice of any change shall be given to all members.

3  Definitions

For the purpose of this Statute the following terms are to be construed thus:


“Chamber” means the Malta Chamber of Geologists;

“Council” means the Executive Council set up under section 8 of this Statute;

“Malta” means the Maltese nation and covers the entire Maltese archipelago and its continental shelf.

4  Objectives

The Chamber is an autonomous organisation, not affiliated to any political party or organisation and shall have the following objectives (not listed in order of priority):

a.      To provide an organisation for all Professional Geologists who satisfy the qualifications and criteria for membership as laid by the Council.

b.      To check professional qualifications in geology and confirm knowledge of the Geology of Malta to avoid serious damage to health or safety of the service recipient due to lack of professional qualifications of the service provider.

c.       To establish, maintain and promote professional standards in the Geological profession.

d.      To promote unity, dignity, status and other interest of the Geological profession.

e.      To foster cooperation between its members.

f.        To promote the Science and Practice of Geology and Geoscience and to broaden and update knowledge of its members.

g.      To promote cooperation with analogous bodies locally and overseas for the mutual benefit of the members.

h.      To promote and maintain a Code of Ethics for the Geological profession.

5  Membership

The Council shall confer membership to the Chamber in the following classes:

5.1  Honorary Membership

The Council may, after taking a unanimous vote confer Honorary Membership to persons who have made exceptional contributions to the Geological Profession in Malta or overseas. Persons appointed to Honorary class will not carry voting powers in the Chamber’s Council and General Meetings.

5.2  Professional Geologist Membership

There shall be a class of Professional Membership open to persons who must be:

a. Holders of the Warrant of Geologist as issued by the Government of Malta (this condition is in abeyance until such time that the Warranting Act that establishes such a Warrant shall come into force)


b. Holders of a degree at MQF/EQF Level 6 or higher in Geology which must include at least two of the following: Economic geology, Engineering geology, Environmental geology, Hydrogeology, Marine geology, Mining geology, Petroleum geology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Structural geology, Biostratigraphy.


c. Holders of the title European Geologist (EurGeol) as a professional title awarded by the European Federation of Geologists which recognises the ability to deliver a high quality of services within the practice of geology.

5.3  Professional Geoscientist Membership

The Chamber may set up Chapters for professional Geoscientists who work closely with Geologists and the Geological Profession. Professional Geoscientist membership may be conferred to such professionals.

5.4  Associate Membership

There shall be a class of Associate Membership that shall be open to:

        i.            Persons who are not within the Professional Membership classes.

      ii.            Persons who value Membership of the Chamber and wish to participate in the learned activities of the Chamber but do not meet the academic requirements for entry to other classes of membership, subject to payment of a subscription fee, as could be levied by the Council.

    iii.            Persons who are registered students in higher education courses related to Geology.

5.5  Corporate Body Membership

There shall be a class of Corporate Body Membership for Limited Liabilities Companies which involve or employ Geologists, subject to payment of a subscription fee for Corporate Members.

6  Membership Election Procedures

The procedures for election to membership shall be as follows:

6.1 Applications and Membership Committee

The Council shall appoint a Membership Committee headed by the President or Membership Secretary and a minimum of two other Council members which must include the Membership Secretary to review each application for membership. Applications shall be processed as follows:

a.      Applications for election to any class of membership or for election to be transferred from one class to another shall be made on a Membership Form as prescribed by the Council.

b.      The Membership Committee shall issue a Report for each application with a recommendation to Council to include or exclude the applicant’s name in the list of members.

c.       No person whose admission has been refused may re-apply for membership before the lapse of one (1) calendar year.

6.2 Elections

Election to any class of membership or transfers from one class of membership to another shall be made solely by the Council. The criteria to be adopted for elections or for transfer from one membership class to another shall be consistent with the provisions prescribed by this Statute and shall be in accordance with guidelines laid down by the Council. An applicant may be required to appear before the Council or the Membership Committee selected by the Council, for an interview where this is deemed applicable. A person elected shall be considered to have been duly registered as a member only on receipt of a written declaration to that effect by the President or Membership Secretary, subject to payment of the appropriate fees.

6.3 Interpretation of the Statute

The Council will be the sole interpreter of this Statute including matters concerning membership.

7  Membership fees

7.1 Levying of fees

All membership classes, except the Honorary Membership class will be subjected to an annual subscription fee. The value of the fees to be charged shall be decided by the Council provided that the decision to alter fees is agreed by at least two thirds (2/3) of the members of the Council present at a Council meeting.

7.2 Non-payment of fees

Members who fail to pay their fees lose all rights of membership of the Chamber until such time that they regularise their position. The names of members who fail to pay their fees for more than three consecutive years will be removed from the main membership list.

7.3 Membership list

The Council shall from time to time circulate among its members a list of all registered members. Such a list shall be upgraded regularly and shall always be available at the registered office for inspection by any member.

8  The Executive Council

8.1 Management

The management and administration of the affairs of the Chamber shall be vested in the Executive Council which members will be the administrators that shall be elected at a General Meeting in accordance with the provisions laid down in this Statute.

8.2 Composition of the Executive Council

The Executive Council shall be composed of not less than four (4) voting members and not more than ten (10) voting members and will include:



General Secretary/Treasurer

Membership Secretary

International Secretary

Education Secretary

Up to four (4) members who may include representatives of Chapters within the Chamber established by Council.

8.3 Tenure of Office

The members of Council are elected for two years after which new elections for Council members shall be made during the General Meeting of the Chamber. The President of the Council will retain the role of member of the Council following the new elections unless re-elected as President.

8.4 Duties of Council members

8.4.1 President

It shall be the duty of the President to:

a.  Convene and chair all Council and General Meetings.

b.  Carry out administrative work related to the requirements of the Council and General Meetings.

c.   Keep a record of all business transacted at Council and General Meetings.

d.  Address the Annual General Meeting and give a Report of the activities of the chamber during the previous year.

e.  Represent the Council of the Chamber.

f.        Keep the list of all members and their position.

g.  Set forth matters under deliberation and submit them for discussion.

h.  Maintain order and observation of standing orders during all meetings.

i.        Take over the duties of Treasurer when the position of treasurer is vacant.

8.4.2 Vice-President

The Vice-President shall carry out all the functions of the President in the absence of the President.

8.4.3 General Secretary/Treasurer

It shall be the duty of the General Secretary/Treasurer to,

a.  Take responsibility of all moneys, funds and assets of the Chamber and ensure payment of subscription fees.

b.  Keep a record of all business transacted at Council and General Meetings.

c.   Deposit in the name of the Chamber into an approved bank account such cash that may not be required for immediate use.

d.  Keep a record of all money transactions of the Chamber.

e.  Prepare audited accounts comprising income and expenditure.

f.        Withdrawals from the bank account can only be affected against the signature of the President or the treasurer.

g.  When a General Secretary/Treasurer has not been appointed, the duties of the Treasurer will be taken over by the President.

8.4.4 Membership Secretary:

It shall be the duty of the Membership Secretary to,

a.      Keep and maintain a detailed record of each member of the Chamber and to provide a list of all members as required.

b.      Liaise closely with the Chamber President and the Vice-President to ensure that such a list always defines most clearly bona-fide members of the Chamber.

c.       Form part and act as secretary of the Membership Election Committee of the Chamber.

8.4.5 International Secretary

It shall be the duty of the International Secretary to,

a.  Promote and maintain contact with international affiliations of the Chamber.

b.  Inform members of the Council of any item of news arising out of such affiliations.

8.4.6 Education Secretary

It shall be the duty of the Education Secretary to,

a.      Promote Geological education.

b.      Drive and assist in the training function of the Chamber

c.       Assist in continuous professional development (CPD) of the members.

8.4.7 Other Members of the Council

Other members of the Council will assist the Council in matters and duties which may arise. Members elected as Heads of Chapters within the Chamber will manage the Chapter under their responsibility.

8.4.8 Vacancies

Council positions in section 8.2 which may be vacant can be filled by other members of the Council upon approval by the President and two other Council members. Co-opted members can fill Council vacancies upon unanimous approval of Council members.

8.4.9 Removal from Post

A member of the Council may be removed for his/her post by a motion raised by the President to the Council. A member of the Council may be removed for the following reasons:

a.  Acting in a manner which is directly and unequivocally contrary to the interests of the Chamber,

b.  Divulging to third parties confidential information about any aspect of the Chamber,

c.   Acting against the expressed will of a majority of the Council

d.  Absenting himself/herself for at least three (3) consecutive Council meetings without giving any valid reason.

8.5 Procedures of the Council

All council meetings shall be chaired by the President or in his absence by the Vice-President.

8.5.1 Quorum

Four (4) members shall constitute a quorum.

8.5.2 Agenda

Items to be discussed are to be included in the agenda and shall be circulated with the date of the meeting to all Council members at least two (2) calendar days in advance.

Only items on the agenda shall be discussed and will include thew following:

a.  Approval of minutes of the previous meeting

b.  Matters arising

c.   Correspondence

9  Specialised Chapters and Committees

The Council may set up Chapters and Committees with specific tasks or for specific membership type.

a.  Chapters within the Chamber may be set up by approval of Council. The Chapter must have a minimum of five (5) members and will appoint a Head of Chapter who shall be co-opted as member of the Council for a period of one (1) year. The Chapter may seek membership of professionals who work closely with Geologists and may be conferred Professional Geoscientist membership by Council. The Chapter is bound to policies and guidelines set out by the Chamber and Council.


b.  Committees may be set up by the Council for specific purposes and will operate for one (1) year unless re-confirmed by the Council.

9.1  Ethics and disciplinary Sub-Committee

There shall be an Ethics and disciplinary Sub-committee of the council made up of three members proposed by the Executive Council and appointed by the President. The objectives of this Sub-committee shall be:

a.  To monitor ethical behaviour within the profession,

b.  To uphold the Code of Ethics

c.   To assist members on problems encountered in the industry or society,

d.  Take disciplinary action against members who by their action, inaction or comments do not defend or denigrate the Geological profession.


10  Annual General Meeting

The Council shall hold an Annual General Meeting each year.

10.1 Business and deliberations

The business and deliberations of the Annual General Meeting shall be as follows:

·         Motions and amendments to the Statute

·         Treasurer’s annual report and the accounts of the Chamber as approved by Council

·         Reports of Auditors

·         Election of Council Members when tenure of office as defined in section 8.3 has expired

·         Any other matter

10.2 Members present

All members of the Chamber may attend but only members who have their subscription up-to-date may vote.

10.3 Quorum

Quorum for all General Meetings shall not be less than one fourth (1/4) of all eligble members of the Chamber who are entitled to vote.

10.4 Nominations

Nominations of candidates for election on the Council shall be submitted in writing to the President and Membership Secretary by not later than four (4) weeks before the date set for the Annual General Meeting. Nominations shall be made on forms prepared by the Council. Nominations shall be received only from members of the Chamber within the Professional classes.

10.5 Other meetings

Other meetings may be convened by the Council whenever they consider it necessary or when they have a request in writing signed by at least ten per cent of the members.

10.6 Notice period

The President shall advise all members by means of a circular to each member and advert on publicly accessible media administered by the Chamber the place and date of the Annual General meeting at least seven (7) calendar weeks before the Meeting.

11  Special appointments

11.1 Auditors

The Council may appoint up to two (2) Auditors to hold office for one year.  The Auditors shall have the power to request and obtain information and explanation form the Council relating to any matter which in their opinion needs to be justified. They shall audit the financial Statements forming part of the Treasurer’s Report before this is presented for approval at the Annual General Meeting. 

11.2 Dismissal of Auditors

The Council shall have the power to dismiss from office one (1) or both Auditors before the end of their term of office if it believes that there is sufficient reason or cause for such action.

11.3 Certified Accountant

A certified accountant shall be appointed by the Council to prepare financial accounts of the Chamber as may be required by law or the Council and to submit a Report for consideration of the Annual General Meeting.

11.4 Legal Consultant

A legal consultant shall be appointed by Council. The function of the legal consultant will be to safeguard the interests of the Chamber. The fees of the legal consultant shall be approved by the Council.

12  Dissolution

Dissolution of the Chamber must be a subject of a resolution taken at a General Meeting called to deliberate on such a matter and following a unanimous decision of the Executive Council. If eighty (80) percent or more of the members eligible to vote in the General Meeting uphold the resolution to dissolve the Chamber than dissolution will take effect. A circular signed by the President and two other Council members shall be sent to all members with details of the General Meeting voting results indicating that the Chamber has been dissolved.

12.1 Effect

Any assets held by the Chamber at the date of dissolution should be applied in favour of another organisation with similar aims as defined in section 4 of this Statute.

13  Revision of Statute

13.1 Authority

The revision or amendments of the Statute may only be made at a General Meeting by two-thirds (2/3) majority from those present who are eligible to vote.

13.2 Motions

A proposal for revision or amendment of the Statute shall be tabled in writing to the President in a motion by a member and seconded by another member at least one (1) week before the date of the Annual General meeting. The passing of a motion for the revision or amendment of the Statute shall give the Council the authority to make the necessary alterations to Statute which comply to the motion.


14  General Provisions

14.1 Standing orders

The following standing orders shall apply during General Meetings and meetings of the Council and any committees of the Chamber:

a.  The priority of the agenda shall be followed unless there is a unanimous consent to suspend the rules by those present to alter such priority;

b.  A Ruling given by the Chairman of the meetings shall be final and shall not be contested during the meeting.

c.   The Chairman shall have the power to suspend from a meeting any person who in the opinion of the Chairman, is not acting in a responsible  

              manner. The person suspended shall not continue to take part in the discussion and voting at the meeting;

d.  The Chairman shall have the right to adjourn or suspend meetings;

e.  Motions and amendments to motions shall be submitted to the President of the chamber in writing and shall be duly proposed and seconded;

f.            The Chairman shall have the right to regulate the time for any discussion from the floor

g.  The following points raised from the floor shall be given priority:

Vote of confidence

Point of order

Point of information

h.  The Chairman can temporarily resign whenever there are motions on which he/she prefers to express an opinion. Another Council member will

              temporarily take the Chairmanship in such case.

14 Code of Practice

A General Meeting shall from time to time approve by a simple majority and publish Codes of Practice to guide the Geological Profession.

15  Adoption of the Statute

This Statute in its original form was adopted by the Executive Council of the Malta Chamber of Geologists during a meeting on the 25th January 2022.


Dr Peter Gatt                President                                                                                                                                                                   

Dr Paul Grech               International Secretary

Mr Christopher Gauci   Membership Secretary                                                                                                                                                            

Mr Elton Vella               Education Secretary

Dr Daniel Sultana         Councillor/Treasurer

Date:  25th January 2022