The Malta Chamber of Geologists is administered by a Council and regulated by a statute.  Copies of the statue of the MCG are deposited with the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations and the Malta Business Registry.

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Responsibilities of membership

Membership to the Malta Chamber of Geologists places you under a code of ethics and makes you accountable for the geoscience work you do. Members who do not conform to the code of ethics or are unethical in their work are liable to disciplinary action by the Chamber.

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The MCG also supports the Geoethical Promise approved by the  IAPG Executive Council on 26th October 2016 in Cape Town.

                                                                             GEOETHICAL PROMISE


Occasionally, the MCG issues documents to guide its members or inform the public about particular problems. 

Document on construction

The Malta Chamber of Geologists has issued the document GEOLOGY IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY OF MALTA (part 1). The document highlights the present inadequate legal and administrative structures and lacunae and the negative impact on public safety resulting from the lack of recognition of the geologist profession by the state.

An excerpt from the document:

'A modern construction industry requires the applications of geology and the input of geologists as the experts on rock. The importance of geology stems from two fundamental facts:

 1.     All construction is founded on rock or soil. Consequently, the stability, safety and durability of built structures depends on the geology of the underlying rock, namely the condition, nature, and dynamics of the rock.

 2. The bulk of building materials are geological materials, e.g., stone, aggregate, cement. Consequently, the long-term durability and safety of built constructions is linked to geology.' 

position paper on public safety in construction

13.9.2022. The Malta Chamber of Geologists and the Malta Developers Association have issued a joint Position Paper on Public Safety in Construction. The Position Paper highlights two important issues:

Discussion paper: Geology for energy in Malta

Paper on Malta's energy mix, future trends and the importance of hydrocarbon exploration in Malta's continental shelf durin g the energy transition phase. View document:  Geology for energy in Malta