The Executive Council of the Malta Chamber of Geologists consists of four members with voting rights:


Dr Peter Gatt  BIO  

MSc (R'dg),  PhD (Dunelm)


International Secretary

Dr Paul V Grech 

BSc (Syd), MBA, PhD (Adel)

General Secretary

Christopher Gauci 

BSc (Melit), MSc (Cork)

Education Secretary

Elton Vella 

BSc (OU), MA (Melit)

 Advisor to Council

Dr Daniel Sultana 

MSc, PhD (Lond)

About the Chamber:

Honorary membership is bestowed by the Council to persons who have made exceptional contributions to Maltese geology in Malta or overseas. Two geologists have accepted Honorary membership to the MCG:

Dr Edward Rose 

Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Earth Sciences, Royal Holloway University of London, UK.   Edward P. F. Rose - Wikipedia 

Dr Martyn Pedley 

Reader in Carbonate Sedimentology, Department of Geography University of Hull, UK


position paper on public safety in construction

13.9.2022. The Malta Chamber of Geologists and the Malta Developers Association have issued a joint Position Paper on Public Safety in Construction. The Position Paper highlights two important issues:

Discussion paper: Geology for energy in Malta

Paper on Malta's energy mix, future trends and the importance of hydrocarbon exploration in Malta's continental shelf durin g the energy transition phase. View document:  Geology for energy in Malta